About Us

We're Amber and Mallory, founders of Bright Beta Co. and creators of the No Limits Planner! As entrepreneurs, we spent years hacking together different planners and organization systems to help us reach our goals. A big part of both of our routines has always included writing the most important things down in a paper planner, but we've always wanted a planner that could house everything: daily habits, goal tracking, weekly/monthly schedules, important things to remember that aren't tied to a specific date, etc! 

At the climbing gym one January, we were commiserating over our new planners and what we wished we could change about them to make them work better for us. We both wanted the same things out of a planner, so we decided to team up and make our dream planner come to life together! Since then, thousands of other entrepreneurs, adventurers, and goal-getters have found the No Limits Planner and used it to track their goals and chase their dreams. We're passionate about helping you take control of your life and making more time to enjoy it along the way.