Our 7 favorite pens for writing in your planner

As planner lovers, we know that the right pen makes all the difference. Whether you love a variety of colors or prefer to stick with classic black or blue ink, a good pen that writes like a dream and doesn't smear makes all of the difference! Here are some tried-and-true pens to use in your 2023 planner

Pilot G2

This is our go-to every day pen! The gel ink writes incredibly smoothly, and it's refillable! It has a comfortable rubber grip and consistent ink flow through a fine point.


Pilot FriXion Clicker 

You had us at erasable! This is a great gel pen for people who want the permanence of ink with the ability to fix mistakes. It's also refillable, and comes in a 16 different color options for some nice variety. 

Staedtler Triplus Fine Liner

This is a great choice if you want a super fine tip (.3mm) with a lot of color variety! There are 60 different colors, all with water-based ink for easily washing out of fabrics. 

Stabilo Point 88 Fine Liner

This is a another great choice if you want a slightly less fine tip (a bit bigger than the Triplus at .4mm) with quite a lot of color variety still! There are 47 different colors, and the pen barrel feels like a nod to classic orange pencils - plus it's got a metal enclosed tip for longer durability! 

Paper Mate Flair 

If you prefer a felt tipped pen, this is your winner! With quick drying ink in vibrant colors (16 options) and a .7mm tip, they're super versatile. Just be aware that felt tips do break down over time if you're a person who presses down firmly when you write. 

Sharpie Fine Liners 

If you prefer a pen that feels a little more like an art pen, the Sharpie Fine Liners might be for you! They're felt tip and write a bit lighter than traditional Sharpie markers, so you don't need to worry about bleed through, and come in 12 color options! 

Zebra Sarasa

These pens are great if you love choices - they come in .5mm, .7mm, or 1.0mm tip options, and have over 20 colors across the different tip sizes! Plus, they don't smear and come in a handy case for keeping your supplies organized. 

What pen is your favorite? 

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