March Worksheet: The Importance of Gratitude

In the 2022 planner, March's journal prompt is all about adopting a gratitude practice. Gratitude can be a powerful force in our lives. When we appreciate what's around us, our stress decreases, our relationships strengthen, and we become more capable of handling tougher times. In our March worksheet, you'll find prompts to help you cultivate a habit of gratitude for all of the small and big positive forces in your life.

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There's truly no wrong way to practice gratitude, but here are some tips if you're feeling a bit stuck:

Be as specific as you can. This is key to truly internalizing and remembering what you're grateful for. It's more effective to express gratitude for a specific conversation or moment with a friend, rather than just the friendship itself, which can feel too abstract.

See good things in your life as gifts, not granted. Even if it seems small or really simple, we take many things for granted in our lives that others would relish. Our goal is to cultivate relishing and savoring even the small moments that enrich our lives.

Think about what your life would be like without a certain thing. While it may seem counterintuitive, this "negative" reframe can help us feel grateful for things we may take for granted, as we see what bad fortune we've avoided. 

Practice it regularly. Even if you only write down one small thing you're grateful for every day, we'll pretty much guarantee it will improve your outlook on life and your overall mood. But as with most habits, consistency is the key to seeing any changes! 

Don't forget yourself. It can be easy to see the people and events in our lives we're grateful for, but sometimes it can be hard to see the traits habits in ourselves we cherish. 

Look for silver linings. When times are good, it's easy to find plenty to be grateful for. But even when times are tough, there is usually something, too - whether it's the support of friends, our own resilience, or a small moment of quiet, calm, or joy amongst the difficulty. 

Download the worksheetGet the 2022 planner



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