February Worksheet: Evaluate How You Spend Your Time

Do you find yourself having big plans for all you're going to achieve at the start of the day or week, and by the end, you wonder where on earth all your time went? You're not alone! 

The only way to figure out how you want to be spending your time and what adjustments you might need to make is to truly understand how you're currently spending your time. It may sound obvious, but tracking and evaluating how we spend each hour of our day is something very few people actually do. So this month, let's do a quick time study. 

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For one week, use our February worksheet to write down everything you do all day. Spend your time as you typically would, and try not to make any adjustments to be "better" yet - but do take note of those things you feel an immediate desire to change as soon as you start realizing you have to write it down!

You can be as detailed as you'd like to be - keep track of any details you think might be relevant to your energy levels, focus, or productivity (for example, Amber likes to note whether she has the TV on in the background or not during certain tasks as sometimes that results in distraction!). At the end of the week, we'll look back through how we used our time to identify what we want to keep doing, what we'd like to try to spend less time doing, and where we might be making time decisions that don't align with what we really want. 

Download the worksheetGet the 2022 planner

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