April Worksheet: Spring Cleaning

It's officially spring (at least in this hemisphere!), and for many people, that means it's time to open up the windows, air out the house, and give everything a good cleaning. If you're like me, it's also a time when you go through your belongings and find things to sell or donate, or throw away. While it's always great to give your physical belongings a once-over, it's also a great time to look at more intangible things like our habits, our finances, or our schedules, to see what's working well for you and what's no longer serving you. 

This month's worksheet will help you get clear on what's going well, what isn't, and how you can make adjustments to clean up your day to day to build the life you want. 

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Here are some other things you can do this month to "spring clean" your life: 
  • Unsubscribe from unwanted emails, or sign up for a service like Unroll.me 
  • Track your water intake 
  • Go through your finances and unsubscribe from any services you don't use
  • Unfollow any social media accounts that don't inspire or make you happy
  • Designate one room in your home as "tech-free" - no phones, TV, or laptop
  • Spend a few minutes each day writing down things you're grateful for 
  • Make a list of the people you're around the most - are they fulfilling relationships that make you feel good? 
  • Clean out your Downloads folder, the pictures on your phone, and your contacts list 
  • Keep track of your diet and notice if there are any foods that make you feel sluggish, bloated, or otherwise uncomfortable 
  • Make a sleep schedule and stick to it 

Download the worksheetGet the 2022 planner

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