Meet our 2023 Planner: The ultimate tool for setting, tracking, and achieving your goals

2023 No Limits Planner - Goal setting planner perfect for entrepreneurs and adventurers

As hard as it is to believe, 2023 is only a couple of short months away! Our planner has gone through some upgrades and changes since we first launched it in 2020, so we thought it was time to reintroduce this amazing goal setting tool to you.

The outside of the planner has some upgrades...

2023 No Limits Planner - Goal Setting Planner for Entrepreneurs - Lay Flat Binding, 3 bookmark ribbons

From the outside, the 2023 No Limits Planner might look like the same planner as always, but there have been a few subtle upgrades we think you'll love! We've got the same durable cloth hard covers as always, but this time with a brand new color added to the lineup - dark berry (already our best seller for this year, and likely to sell out soon)!

Our lay-flat binding has an updated stitching method that will help our thick, high-quality paper lay even flatter! The thread stitching method is the most sustainable and highest quality binding available - no pages falling out, glue coming apart, or pages curling up. 

We've still got an accordion pocket, elastic closure band, and pen loop to help keep things neat and tidy, and to help you easily navigate to even more sections of your planner, we've added a THIRD bookmark ribbon to this year's planner! (Plus, if you want to get really fancy, we've developed a set of monthly tab stickers you can put into your planner so it's extra easy to hop around).  

And the inside does, too!

We've also made some adjustments to some of the pages within the planner, so let's run through all of the key pages you'll get to know throughout the year. 

The Year Ahead

2023 No Limits Planner - The Year Ahead - Goal Setting Planner for Entrepreneurs

This is space for you to start answering some questions to get at the heart of what really matters to you, and what you want to focus on in the year ahead. It's a space for you to dream, reflect, and let all of the possibilities of a new year in. 

Map Your Goals

2023 No Limits Planner - Map Your Goals - Goal Tracking Spread for Entrepreneurs

This is the workhorse of the planner, and we designed it based on the tools we use to track our own progress in our businesses and personal lives. You'll revisit this spread often, to fill in your progress bars as you get closer to your goals all year long, and to brainstorm the strategies for how you'll get across the finish line. It's a great spot for one of your 3 bookmark ribbons! 

Letter to Yourself

2023 No Limits Planner - Letter to Yourself - Goal Tracking Planner for Entrepreneurs

Research shows that we're more likely to be able to focus on long term progress and make better choices for ourselves if we feel connected to our future self, who will benefit from those choices. Writing a letter to yourself as if you're an old friend is a great way to do that! You can write it as if the year has already gone amazingly and you're summarizing everything that happened, or you can write from where you currently are and detail your goals, hopes, and challenges you're currently facing.

Find Your Bearings

2023 No Limits Planner - Vision Board - Goal Setting Planner for Entrepreneurs

This is a space to use however you see fit - whether you like to paste in pictures, quotes, and other inspirational things for a vision board (Amber prefers to sketch hers!), want to just write down some affirmations for you to keep in mind throughout the year, or some other use entirely - it's up to you! 

Quarterly / Monthly Reflection and Goals

No Limits Planner - Monthly Refelection Monthly Goals - 2023 Goal Setting Planner

These questions will be ones you ask yourself every month and quarter of 2023 to reflect, recalibrate, and realign when you get off track. They may seem repetitive, but continually revisiting and checking in with these same questions is important in making sure you stay focused on what's really important to you! 

Monthly Intentions and Habit Tracker

No Limits Planner - Monthly Intention and Habit Tracker - Goal Setting Planner for Entrepreneurs

Each month, you'll get a new journal prompt and a place to track your habits every day. This is a great place to move your second bookmark to each month, so you can log your habits each day and keep any important info on the Essential Gear page! 

Monthly Calendar

No Limits Planner - Monthly Calendar - Goal Setting Planner for Entrepreneurs

This one is pretty self explanatory - no planner is complete without a bird's eye view of each month for you to keep track of important dates and holidays. 

Weekly View

No Limits Planner - Weekly and Daily Planner - Goal Setting Planner for Entrepreneurs

Each day, you have space to set 3 priorities for the day. The area below that is divided into 3 blocks for you to choose how they're used. Some people like to divide them into morning, afternoon and evening, while others prefer to use the first block for appointments, the second for work-related tasks, and the third for personal tasks. Or, you can disregard the divider altogether and make one big list each day! The important thing here is that if you can't fit everything you need to do into one day's space, you're probably taking on too much! On the bottom right page, we've included free space for you to make important notes about the week, write down a weekly affirmation or gratitude, track your weekly budget, or whatever you need! 

We've carefully designed our planner to include proven tools and system to help you get from where you are to where you want to be - we've both built successful businesses using exactly these methods to track our goals, create accountability, and maintain that elusive work-life balance. Whether you want a physical planner in a compact size you can take anywhere, or a digital version you can access on the go, we have the same great features throughout! 

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